Dallas, the hit US drama is coming to Channel 5. To give this big signing the launch it deserves, Chris Pleydell created a true Texan party; complete with cow boys & girls, bulls (real and inflatable bucking), hay and hoedowns.

XL Video supplied projection, LED and cameras for the event and brought in Basic Monkey to supply our Catalyst media servers and produce video content.

Content produced includes:

  • LED Columns behind the stage
  • Low resolution LED at the front
  • Alpha channel ‘stinger’ to bump between videos and live camera
  • A “Dallas on Channel 5” bug for live camera images

All the LED content was corrected for the gaps between panels, this meant a spatially correct image when viewed.

James operated the playback side of the show on site, using our Jands Vista console to control our Catalyst systems, feeding the LED inside and out, also acting as a downstream key on the vision mixer for the side screens. This allowed animated graphics to act as transitions rather than simple cuts or fades.