Today was the last in a 5 day run for the Gadget Show Live ‘Super Theatre’, concluding what has been a busy and interesting show.

Following on from last years success, Tim Riley at XL Video was asked to provide Barco NX-6 screens in the auditorium for camera relay and a large Pixled F-30 screen as a set centrepiece.

This was all driven by Basic Monkey’s own ‘Gorilla’ Catalyst system, triggered using our Jands Vista S3.

As usual, it was important for the show to be using the latest in technology. This was apparent not only in the performance, but in the production of the show itself.

For the interactive sections which included a virtual presenter, flash game and flying drones, Inition provided us with feeds from three separate computers. This, in addition to the live MMS and photo competition which accounted for another two laptop feeds, led to a rather complex setup!

All these inputs were fed into 2x Barco DCS-200 switchers which in turn were controlled via Catalyst network serial commands. This meant that the entire video element (excluding cameras of course) could be triggered from one timeline and by one person (in this case James), eliminating the need for a VT operator, switcher and graphics operator.

For the audience competitions, winners and live scoreboards were rendered to screen using a Quartz system designed by James. Using an external laptop to send raw text to the system allowed scores to be updated in real time, styled using the Quartz system.

The camera crew were directed by Kevin Watts who also produced all the graphical content for the LED screens including animated logos, timers and name straps.

Visitors were treated to an impressive, loud and action packed show with live performances from Ortis and Polly, audience participation and lots of gadget giveaways.

If this year is anything to go by, next year will be even more impressive!