Basic Monkey are back with Seal to kick off his North American tour, covering dates across Canada and the US.

This time round the moving LED panels will constructed from BasicTech’s 11mm product and moved using FTSI Navigator and drum winches as opposed to the Kinesys chain motors used Australia. This allows faster speeds and smoother motion.

Navigator can send position data directly to Catalyst to automate the vertical video offset, allowing the panels to move across the image. Previously this was done on a cue by cue basis using pre-determined offsets and movement times.

James is heading out to Montreal to re-program the show for the new LED product and automation system, staying with the tour for the first few dates to ensure a smooth start.

The Basic Monkey designed custom content for ‘Killer’ and ‘My Vision’ will be re-worked and rendered for the new panel sizes to keep everything crisp and take into account the different spacing of the ‘pods’.

Lighting designer Theo Cox is at the reins to operate his visual masterpiece, using plentiful moving lights, strobes and molefays. The majority of the show’s video content was selected and programmed by Theo. Using Basic Monkey’s laptop based Catalyst he’s able to work on the show from anywhere and visualise the entire show (including lights) when combined with ESP Vision.

Using complex Catalyst layer and mix routing designed by Basic Monkey; the programming can be independent of the automation offsets, making things significantly easier for the LD.