Basic Monkey values your privacy the same way we value our own.

Our commitments:

We NEVER sell your name, email, phone number, likes, dislikes, favourite movie, favourite colour to anyone. In fact anything we hold about clients, potential clients and visitors is held in the utmost confidence and not released to anyone outside our company.

All content, files, designs, communications are stored on heavily secured servers. All emails are protected by password on server and our laptops are encrypted.

We love to tell the world about what we do and appreciate the opportunity to gloat about your event. If you’d prefer to keep your event private, we fully understand and as such are happy to keep quiet.

We use Google Analytics to see who is visiting our website, what country they are from, and what pages they view. This is just to see how interesting we are. This information is processed by Google and is for Basic Monkey’s use only. It is not used for any sales tactics, only to monitor our reach. Google uses cookies to achieve this.