Basic Monkey is proud to be managing Seal’s video requirements for his tour of Australia this April. The tour will visit Melbourne (2 dates), Adelaide, Gold Coast and Sydney over two weeks.

After a successful European tour in 2011, Theo Cox created a new visual and stage design for the show which includes 7x vertically moving LED ‘pods’ with a molefay, Atomic strobe and Sharpie on each. These pods create an animated backdrop for the stage, filling the space with video graphics, tight beams, bright flashes and tungsten glows.

The video content for the pods is mostly selected and adapted by Theo, with Basic Monkey designing and producing bespoke animated graphics for ‘Killer’ and ‘My Vision’.

Theo is able to program the show using ESP Vision to visualise the lighting looks generated by his Hog console away from the rig. Basic Monkey provides our laptop based Catalyst system to allow Theo to also program and see the video content in relation to the lighting.

For some of the tracks we needed the video content to appear static while the screen moves up and down over it. Using complex layer and mix routing within Catalyst, designed by James, the video programming can be independent from the offsets that correct for the vertical motion of the pods.

James will be operating the show for the tour on our laptop Catalyst system, showing the power such a small solution can provide.

Screens are supplied by Big Picture, with rigging, lighting and Kinesys automation supplied by Chameleon.