Of all the train trips I thought I’d take in my life, St. Petersburg to Moscow wasn’t one of them.

The view from the window on the trip was such a vastly varied one. Leaving St. Petersburg with it’s many stonework buildings, the view quickly turning into builders’ yards and sheds ending up with vast forests and fields with a scattering of wooden shacks.

On the route we crossed over quite a few large rivers and passed some vast lakes, all surrounded by huge expanses of trees.

You could see the variations in wealth as the train passed through the regions, some dwellings appear as if they are near collapse while some obviously belonging to the more affluent.

As we neared Moscow, very quickly the yards and sheds appeared, followed by huge swathes of tower blocks, often with little space between them.

Moscow is certainly a world away from St. Petersburg, the area around the train station being very commercial and industrial, with little of the stonework architecture previously seen.

Unfortunately on this trip I wont get to see Red Square, only the traffic jam ridden roads to our venue and accommodation.

Here’s looking forward to a good show!