After a huge amount of design, planning, pre-builds and testing, the “LED Room” part of Thomson Reuter’s Eikon launch campaign has gone live at Canary Wharf.

The campaign has been designed by Jack Morton Worldwide to launch the product in three stages. The first was the “Digital Forest” which was to create intrigue, the second was “Go Live” to inform the clients and this, the third stage to let clients try out the product in an innovative environment.

The walls of the box are Lighthouse R7 outdoor LED screen, provided by XL Video and driven by Catalyst on a Mac Mini nicknamed the “Kitten”.

After a day as a box with three video screens, the wall facing the exit from Canary Wharf Tube Station will have 10x panels of LED removed and a door and windows fitted in their place, turning the box into a room. Inside are stations where clients can use the Eikon product under guidance from Thomson Reuters trainers.

James has been involved from the first pre-build to ensure the smooth running of the Jack Morton designed video content and to program the “Kitten” on site. Basic Monkey provided the Catalyst system for the earlier stages of testing to allow more flexibility as the Mac Mini’s graphics capabilities are more limited than the larger systems but perfect for running the final sequence.

As James will not be in the country for most of the time the box is live, the Catalyst system was linked to the internet to allow remote access worldwide to change content and make adjustments. The remote access system worked from Manchester, New York and even on the train using 3G. This became invaluable as the content was changed for the door installation and after a power outage.

The photos include some at the pre-build phase in York at the offices of Stage One who designed and constructed the structure.