Today was the “Go Live” launch of Thompson Reuters’ Eikon Product in The Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal, New York.

After a year of planning and preparation the event went with true style and noticeably impressed the clients and potential clients present.

The core feature of the event was the innovative video concept by Jack Morton Worldwide, implemented by XL Video. 4x Barco MiTrix arches covered the audience space, leading up to a stage backed with a Hibino 4mm Chromatek LED screen, one of the most advanced and impressive on the market.

The whole system was fed using a Catalyst system sourced in the USA, programmed by James of Basic Monkey. Catalyst was used to play the arrival video loop, opening sequence, video excerpts and then some abstract graphics to amuse the guests after the show. For the main presentation, Keynote was used, this being fed into the Catalyst system.

At all times it was important to keep video sources native to the screens’ resolutions, this was achieved with lots of maths, careful signal paths and video transcoding.

Using Final Cut Studio, James ‘re-crunched’ the source video excerpts to match the native resolution of the main screen which always leads to better results than scaling on the fly.

The show was triggered using Basic Monkey’s Jands Vista lighting software and M1 playback wing which is a very easy system to transport on the plane as hand luggage.

The next stop for James on the Eikon campaign is Tokyo where the arches concept will be replicated using different products.

Please check out the photos.