Today I had the pleasure of visiting XL Video’s very smart and comprehensive “LED LAB” in New York.

The purpose of the operation is to show event and concert designers what technology is available to them in the world of creative video.

In the showroom, which is high up in an office building in midtown New York is a huge variety of LED displays from all the big players including Barco, Hibino and Pixled, and also some emerging brands.

It was great to see what was out there, a fair few of the products I had never seen before. These included the magnetic screen which can be fixed to any suitably prepared steel surface, and can even curve in one axis!

The whole room is run via a d3 media server so that all products are showing a continuous image over varying resolutions, very impressive in itself.

Leaving the showroom I can feel the effect it has, I want some of those toys on my next event…