HSL have asked James to assist with the de-rig at Durham cathedral of Sting’s new show recorded for DVD.

Not sounding a very glamorous role, it did involved working in the bowels and heights of one of the most beautiful buildings in the UK. 100x Robe ColorWash moving lights in both 1200 and 2500 models were used on specially built rigs strapped to columns, on cases around the organ, or high up on the cathedral’s walkways. Also, 9x A&O Falcon 7000 moving lights were used, in both beam and flower varieties with 2x hung from a truss suspended from the bell tower, a 200ft drop!

Harnessed up, James and Paddy spent most of the night lowering the wash moving lights from the high walkways on a builder’s wire hoist. Then they made their way to the bell tower to drop the two huge falls of wire and motor chain.