This week saw James at the NEC in Birmingham for the annual Autosport Live show.

In the Fifth Gear Live Action Arena XL Video provided 2x large Lighthouse R7 screens and 9x pillars of PixLed F-30.

These were all driven by Basic Monkey’s own ‘Gorilla’ Catalyst system and Jands Vista S3 running the newly developed software, ‘Byron’.

The remit was for a high energy video show to match the intensity of the races and the lighting, along with video relay onto the Lighthouse screens from the camera crew.

Using the Vista S3 playback wing to run the show was invaluable, even if only for the flash buttons. Cutting between live video and graphics was made easier and more fluid by having every available clip relevant to that race on one page.

For the Fifth Gear section of the show, video clips featuring Vicki Butler Henderson introduced each segment.

Lighting for the event was designed by Nathan Wan and much effort was made to tie in the video content colours and pace to that of the lighting state for each race.