It can be pretty hard work on tour sometimes. You can get shows that are a real push to get ready in time, with huge problems and lots of stress. Sometimes, however, you have shows that are just an absolute pleasure…

With no more than 3 hours of sleep after Werchter, everyone was a little tired to say the least at 9am, but the load in was made nice and easy by the very capable and friendly local crew. We were done by lunchtime and ready to clear the stage for the support band. This is when we discovered that the production company had built a temporary swimming pool at the back of the stage. Added to this, the local crew with a bit of spare scaffolding, had built a diving board!

The rest of the day was filled with naps, dips, snacks and a very mellow vibe.

The show went without a hitch and went down a storm with the 19,000 strong crowd who were already on a high from Holland winning 2-1 against Brazil. Maxi gave the crowd a further boost by appearing on stage wearing a Holland football top for the encore, welcomed by deafening cheers and applause.

Gig to remember!