This week James has been at Celtic Manor for HSL to implement and operate lighting and Robe DigiSpot 7000s for Volvo’s Dealer Kick-off. The event was produced by Patrick from CWA, with lighting designed by Phil Wiffen.

Phil specified the 6x DigiSpots to project custom and stock content onto the cycs down the side of the room. Used in both 3 way merge and independent modes, James programmed the show on a Jands Vista T4 under the guidance of CWA.

ATC provided projection onto screens in the centre of each cyc, so when these were in use the DigiSpots would be used to project logos either side of the screen.

The day finished with an evening of X-factor styled karaoke, backed by appropriate stock video content and matching lighting colours.

Ruth Lorenzo was the special guest, performing 6 numbers. With access to the set list only briefly before the guests arrived, James programmed colour and gobo matched video and lighting states to re-enforce her performance.